How to Make Rice Breast Implant Sizers

One of the most important steps in a successful Breast Augmentation is deciding on the size of the implant. This decision can be somewhat overwhelming and requires proper sizing. Sizing can be done in a variety of ways, at our office we encourage patients to do multiple forms of sizing.

Prior to surgery when patients come for their pre-operative visit we do sizing with them by having the patient bring a sheer bra in the cup size they are looking to become with a tight shirt, or even a few outfit changes with different color shirts. We then have them try on different sized silicone implants inside their bra in an attempt to mimic what they will look like after surgery. We help make sure that the size or sizes they are looking at are possible with their specific anatomy and are in proportion to the rest of their body. The final decision is made at this appointment.

Before this pre-operative visit occurs we find it very helpful to have patients do some sizing on their own at home. Sometimes the 30 minute appointment in our office is not enough time to make such a big decision, so it is very helpful if the patients comes to that appointment already knowing around what size they would like to be. At home sizing also allows the patient to spend as much time as they need wearing the sizers with multiple style tops to determine what size best suits them. Since most people don’t have an array of different sized silicone implants laying around at home to try on inside their bra, the best way to get the same effect is to make sizers using rice and pantyhose- two things that most women DO have hanging around the house!


  • Dry Rice
  • Measuring Cup
  • Pantyhose or Knee Highs
  • Scissors

Step One:
If you are using pantyhose, cut the leg of each hose approximately half way down so that they are essentially like knee highs. If you are using knee highs, skip this step! Make sure the pantyhose you are using don’t have any holes in them, or else you will end up with quite a mess!

Step Two:
Stretch the opening of the pantyhose where you will be inserting rice as to allow easy insertion of the rice.

Step Three:
Measure out the amount of rice that will be inserted into the pantyhose.

If you are using cups these are the approximate measurements to use for guidelines:
1/4 Cup = 75cc
1/2 Cup= 125cc
1 Cup= 250cc

If you are using ounces, each ounce equals approximately 30cc.

Step Four:
Insert equal amount of rice into each side of the pantyhose. Press the rice down into the toe of the panty hose and sculpt to form a round shape. Then tie off the pantyhose with a knot at the top. Cut off the excess fabric above the knot and voila, you have your sizer!

It should look something like this:

This can be worn inside a sheer cup bra or inside a sports bra. Try a few different sizes making sure to keep track of how much rice you are using and which sizes you liked the most!

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