Male Breast Reduction

Overly developed male breasts and nipples, a condition called gynecomastia, is a source of embarrassment and stress for many men. Dr. Glen Brooks, an experienced Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, performs male breast reduction surgery for men from Springfield and across Western Massachusetts. He is respectful and compassionate about each patient’s emotional wellbeing and offers a private, calming environment for superior aesthetic enhancement.


Male breast reduction surgery helps men attain a more masculine chest by removing excess fat and tissue from the chest either surgically or through liposuction. He can also reduce the size of the areolas if necessary. Choosing to undergo this procedure is a highly personal decision that men consider for a variety of goals, which commonly include:

  • Reducing over-developed male breasts
  • Decreasing the size of enlarged nipples
  • Enhancing self-confidence with and without a shirt
  • Alleviating self-consciousness

The symptoms of gynecomastia are often experienced by adolescents due to increased hormone levels. When present in adult males, gynecomastia does not usually resolve itself. During your consultation, Dr. Brooks will give you plenty of time to describe your concerns and your cosmetic goals, and come up with a treatment plan tailored to you.

Dr. Glen Brooks

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Glen S. Brooks combines advanced surgical techniques with a small-town friendliness that makes patients feel at home and confident. A Harvard-trained surgeon who's highly regarded by his peers. Dr. Brooks' ensures that your goals and needs always come first.

Meet Dr. Brooks

What to Expect

Dr. Brooks performs breast reduction surgery as an outpatient procedure while the patient is under general anesthesia. The surgery is usually complete in 1 to 2 hours. You will need to have someone drive you home and help you around the house for the first few days afterwards.

Male Breast Reduction Recovery

This procedure usually involves only a minimal recovery period, so most patients can return to their regular daily activities within the first week of their procedure. You should limit vigorous exercise for approximately a month.

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Most men who have breast reduction surgery are very pleased with their more masculine chest. Keep in mind that this procedure will not give you defined, muscular pecs, which usually are attained through diet and exercise. It’s likely that you will feel more attractive and less self conscious. Imagine feeling confident when taking your shirt off at the pool or wearing a fitted t-shirt. Dr. Brooks welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve the enhancements you desire.

To find out if male breast reduction could be the answer for you, request a consultation online with Dr. Brooks or call his office on the Longmeadow Town Green at (413) 565-4400.

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