NANO Laser Peel

It has been a LONG winter here in New England and we are all ready to shed our layers in exchange for something a little lighter and a little less bulky. Now that we are officially into March, many of us are beginning to think about spring time and may even be starting some early spring cleaning. While we are focused on getting our houses and our wardrobes ready for upcoming warmer weather let us not forget one very important thing, our SKIN! 
During these long brutal months of winter our skin has experienced much abuse from the bitter cold temperatures to the whipping wind and the dry air. So, how can we easily strip off these outer layers of damaged skin to debut a more youthful and healthy appearance to go with our sundresses and capris? The answer is the NanoLaserPeel!

A NanoLaserPeel is performed using our Sciton laser. This is a minimally invasive procedure performed at our office by our Physician Assistants, Leah and Julia. This procedure does not require any prescriptions, local anesthesia injections or topical anesthesia! The procedure in and of itself takes approximately 5-10 minutes to perform and unlike our more aggressive laser peels, this procedure has almost no downtime!
So, how does this laser actually work without having a lot of downtime? The trick is in the precision of our Sciton laser. This laser is able to remove the very top layers of skin at a level that accelerates the skin renewal process and stimulates messenger proteins. This in turn helps to create a more youthful appearance to the skin by creating a smooth and even complexion.

Check out the link below to watch Leah on Better Springfield doing a LIVE demo of the NanoLaserPeel!!

Spring SKIN!

To book your NanoLaserPeel or a consult to learn more please call our office at 413-565-4400

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